Agar agar

1 agar agar pack
500ml milk
500ml water
130g sugar

Basically if you follow the packaging of the agar agar, it will tell you to use 1L of water and 250g of sugar. But I have about 500ml of milk I need to use up. So I decided to make a half pudding half jelly mix. I use Cowhead Fresh milk and the red agar agar.Divide the agar agar into 2 portion. Mix one portion with the milk and add about 30g of sugar. The milk has a natural sweetness to this that makes it really creamy and nice. So I find that you need much sugar. But you can always add more if you like. Stir till dissolve and heat up will it boil.It became a pretty pale pink. Then pour it into serving cup or mold or heat proof container. Wait till it cool a while and put into the fridge to set. You can leave it out as it will set at room temp, but it will take longer as it will still be pretty hot.

Do the same with the other half of the agar agar. This time stir in the water. Mix till dissolve, add 100g of sugar and then mix till dissolve.


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