Curious who or what is peneplope?

Peneplope is when 2 people who are madly in love with each other totally regard spelling mistakes. What supposed to be a simple name, became a quirky name that we will use for our baby. And since we are not going to cause any future human being as a laughingstock, we decide to use the name for a different kind of baby.

We are no expert, just a couple of working adults whose hobbies are mainly but not limited to making the perfect cup of joe. She loves to bake and he loves to cook. She intervenes because she doesn’t want to forever eat Chinese style food. He intervenes because he doesn’t want to be bored on a Saturday afternoon. This is what our lives have become, after the BTO.

So this blog is born to keep track of the recipes we tried and tested. Most recipes out there are made for big family in mind. But in this household, there is only the 2 of us. Sure some recipes can be halved, and we do bake a full chocolate cake sometimes. Most of the time though, we like to create something just for the 2 of us.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have recipes that make the perfect servings for 2? Wouldn’t it be nicer if the said recipe requires only a handful of ingredients?

It doesn’t look like it, as most recipes we tried will be to use up the whole can of cream or the pack of cream cheese. But eventually we will get there with the small batches.

We aim to have a whole bunch of recipes and a handful of simple ones to make our lives easier. As with experience, recipes we wrote on paper or cut out from magazines tend to disappear. So this blog will be our database. As we like to experiment, some recipes are created from scratch, but most will be inspired from, and if we direct copy or maybe adjust a little ingredient or two, we will always give credit when it’s due.