What We Use

Most of the ingredients are bought in supermarket. Doesn’t matter where, but mostly we buy the basics on promotion and store them up. Their shelf life is quite long, so no problem with keeping them. I also do like to wait for PhoonHuat to go on sale to buy some sprinkles and food colouring and just random item really. The general rule is, unless we need to make them today, always look for things on sale. Why pay the full price, am I right?

There’re just a few things I tend to buy the same brand of, mostly cause it works and the price is good. So I’ll list out the brands I tend to use the most. Too bad, I am not famous enough to be sponsored by them.

Cream cheese – Cowhead (cheaper)
Milk – Cowhead UHT fresh milk
Fresh milk – Cowhead (I only drink Cowhead fresh milk)
Flour – Prima (it’s the easiest brand to buy)
White sugar – Giant/NTUC cause they’re nearby my place
Icing sugar – SIS

For tools, I do buy them everwhere.

Tools of the trade: